Hvad er Fibo?


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Video från Fibo

Fibo presenterade sina innovativa lösningar på Nordbyggsmässan i Stockholm 10-14/4 och vill tacka alla som besökte oss.

Samarbetet med Arijana Henrici fortsätter. Här inreder hon ett badrum med Fibo. Hon använder sig av Fibos nya kollektion och white marble.

Niclas berättar om fördelarna med att använda Fibo.



Doing up your cabin this summer?

The materials for Fibo’s wall panels and kitchen boards are ideal for holiday cabin bathrooms, wet rooms and kitchens, as they have shorter drying and hardening times, and are easy to transport and assemble.


Clean the click before the sealant hardens!

To prevent visible sealant on the panel joints, remove unhardened sealant from the click joint immediately using Fibo Clean and a sealant tool, then wipe with microfibre cloth.


Marble harmony

Fibo’s new marble design has been well received by a market that is not afraid to let it shine. There are numerous ways of combining the marble designs in the bathroom or kitchen.